Robert B. Aird Chair of Humanities

Deep Springs College, founded in 1917, lies isolated in a high desert valley in Eastern California’s Inyo- White Range. The school provides its twenty-six students with full scholarships, covering room, board and tuition. Students immerse themselves in a demanding educational project that unites a rigorous, seminar-based liberal arts program with ranch labor and extensive student self-governance.

Long-term professors exert a broad influence on the intellectual culture of this very small community. They should be able to teach self-designed courses within their area of expertise as well as more general classes. Professors are ideally more than specialists and consider their discipline in the context of liberal arts education as a whole. Faculty are encouraged to solicit student participation in their work, or to work with them to design projects of mutual interest. The teaching requirement is two courses per semester, and the position is renewable up to six years. The position is open to candidates at both the junior and senior levels in any field across the humanities.

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