Professor, Associate Professor, or Lecturer in American Culture.

Research field
American Culture (considered fields include, but are not limited to, Literature, Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Creative Writing)

Outline of Courses
The new faculty member will teach core English Courses (reading, composition, etc.), American Culture and Literature related courses, and graduation theses guidance in both day and evening programs.

1. A Ph.D. or equivalent required, ABD considered.
2. Applications from all nationalities are welcomed, but the applicant must be fluent in English.
3. Sufficient Japanese to be able to manage day-to-day duties is desirable     

Application period
20 May 2022 to 8 July 2022; 17:00. Japan Standard Time

Application materials
1. Curriculum Vitae (any format). Include your contact address, telephone number, e-mail address, educational background, employment history, and awards, and the name of one reference, with their affiliation and contact information. If you have university teaching experience, include the names of the courses you have taught.   
2. Full list of academic publications and papers delivered (any format). List them in order of publication year, starting with the most recent: books (identify as single author, editor, or coauthor), scholarly papers (indicate whether they are refereed), translations, others (book reviews, newspaper and magazine articles, textbooks, etc.), and presentations.
3. Copies of three representative publications (mark * in the list of publications) with a one-page abstract of each. A dissertation excerpt may be included. We may ask for other publications in the course of the selection process.
4. A description of your research including future plans (one page) and teaching philosophy (one page); a 15-class syllabus for an American Literature or Culture class (intermediate level; any format)
5. A copy of diploma for highest degree earned, and/or transcript of coursework toward degree that is not yet completed.

Selection Process
The first round of selection will be based on submitted documents; the second round will consist of interviews.
Interviews and mock classes may be conducted by Zoom or other means.
Travel expenses will not be provided for face-to-face interviews.

Method of Application
1. Please write "American Culture" in the upper right corner of your resume and list of academic publications.
2. Submit your application documents via the appropriate application on the JREC-IN Portal, or by mail or email to the address below. When sending by mail, please write in red on the envelope or packing materials, "Application for Department of English Studies/American Culture".
〈JREC-IN Portal〉
*User Registration is required in order to apply via the JREC-IN Portal.
3. After the selection process is completed, applicants will be notified of the selection results.
4. Generally, application documents that you send by mail will not be returned. However, if you wish to have any application material returned, please use a shipping service that allows you to include a self-addressed, prepaid package.

Salary and benefits
1. Salary: paid monthly
2. Bonus: paid twice a year
3. Mandatory retirement: age 65
4. Social Insurance: coverage by Japan Mutual Aid Association of Public Schools Teachers (公立学校共済組合), employment insurance, workers' compensation, etc.
5. Others: in accordance with KCUFS regulations.

Somu Jinji Han (The General Affairs Section)
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
9-1 Gakuen-Higashimachi, Nishiku, Kobe, 651-2187, Japan
TEL: +81-78-794-8121     FAX: +81-78-792-9020

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