Media Center Specialist

Media Center Specialist

For the 2023-2024 School Year


Job Summary:

The Media Center Specialist will work with staff, students, families, and the community across the district in a cooperative manner to address the educational needs of learners and will implement a program that integrates and embeds 21st-century skills through a visionary library media program. The Media Specialist will support by maintaining a diverse and current media collection (both electronic and print) and facilitate student and staff use of the resources in the media center. The position emphasizes the effective integration of instructional technologies with the general education curriculum, communication with families, and continual program evaluation and development. The Media Center Specialist will coordinate and support district-wide initiatives and supports. 



  • Valid Michigan teaching certificate with Library Media (ND) endorsement required
  • Experience in evaluating and selecting print and digital resources, elementary and secondary 
  • Experience in facilitating meetings and presentations
  • Expertise in basic technology, including computer operation, productivity software, and basic network  knowledge
  • Communication skills, including the ability to proactively collaborate with students, staff, families, and the community
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of the concepts, principles, and methodologies of teaching and  learning and current practices in K-12 library media
  • Demonstrate ability in the decision-making process, problem analysis, conflict resolution, interpersonal  relationships, and planning
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy and all Literacy Essential documents 


Essential Job Functions:

  • Work collaboratively with administration to establish evidence-based, transformative, and measurable goals driven by the district improvement plan and assist with evaluating the effectiveness and quality of the district library program
  • Build relationships with and support all K-12 Media Materials Coordinators (MMCs) across the district in creating a welcoming, productive, and flexible learning environment in each of our media centers 
  • Inspire media center coordinators around a common vision and goals driven by the district improvement plan
  • Lead and collaborate with the MMC leadership team
  • Provide leadership and expertise in the selection, acquisition, evaluation, and organization of  information resources and technologies in all formats
  • Provide support and professional learning to building administrators on concepts, principles, and methodologies of teaching and  learning and current practices in K-12 library media 
  • Support MMCs in engaging students to follow an inquiry process as they ask questions, evaluate and collect information from  multiple sources to construct understanding by thinking critically 
  • Work with staff, administration, and other specialists to ensure that information literacy skills are  embedded systematically throughout the district and the library instructional program
  • Participate in the curriculum development process at both the building and district level to ensure that  curricula include the full range of literacy skills (information, media, visual, digital, and technological  literacy) necessary to meet content standards and to develop lifelong learners 
  • Support and coordinate the media center department budgets
  • Ensure the equitable and ethical use of information 
  • Encourage the use of instructional technology, including SORA’s online texts, audiobooks, etc., to engage students and improve learning
  • Coordinate Overdrive (digital content)
  • Provide 24/7 access to digital information resources for the entire learning community


The Forest Hills Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, or sexual orientation), marital status, disability, genetic information, or any other legally prohibited basis in its employment decisions or the provision of services.

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